Scrape is an exploration of information privacy focusing on the graphical data that is left behind on a computer.

All computers store visual data. A computer’s graphics card is recording a history of all recent activity on the machine. The core of Scrape is a custom software application that retrieves the data from a computer graphics card, interprets it, and represents it visually. This creates a beautiful, abstract mosaic of sometimes chaotic and sometimes recognizable tiles of information.

The software is used in the three projects that make up Scrape: an interactive installation uncovering traces left behind when using a public computer, an online social network rethinking the concept of constant status updates, and an exhibit of prints using information as a drawing medium.

On one hand, Scrape is a reminder of the amount of trust we put into computers. On the other, the project exposes the tell-all attitude characterizing our online social interaction. Scrape explores these themes through a re-interpretation of data, using information as a medium for creating beautiful visual compositions.

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