Elie Zananiri graduated from Concordia University with a major in Computer Science/Computation Arts and a minor in Mathematics & Statistics. His first passion is traditional stop-motion animation, but he can’t seem to stay away from computers and micro-controllers. His current research interests consist of combining all three domains through interactive video installations and unorthodox data visualizations.


His films have been screened in North America at various festivals such as Fantasia, Spasm, and TromaDance. His new media projects have been presented at SoukMachines, Dorkbot-Montreal, and Medialab-Prado.


Elie currently teaches a programming for artists class at Concordia University. He spends his free time developing the Distal multi-touch interface and the NextText and ezGestures libraries for Processing.


Elie is also a freelance programmer, so if you need code, give him a shout.

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