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Text on a Curve

Here’s a simple sketch I made that draws text on a curve. Drag the mouse horizontally to set the letter spacing, drag vertically to set the arc radius, type to edit the text.

Processing workshop at ACAD

I’ll be giving a¬†Processing¬†workshop at the¬†Alberta College of Art + Design¬†in Calgary on April 3-5. I made a condensed yet pretty complete set of¬†course notes¬†which I think could be useful as an intro to programming.


I just released the ezGestures gesture recognition library for Processing. It works by analyzing mouse or Wiimote movements while dragging, and comparing the motion against a regular expression to find a match. This idea actually started while working on Distal and tweetPad, and I figured it would probably be useful to make a modular library out of it.


I am teaching a class called Languages of Programming at Concordia University this semester. It will cover procedural and OOP programming concepts in general, but the practical part will focus on Processing.


So the project developed in Madrid has changed name and form many times, it is now called tweetPad and is used to visualize Twitter feeds using dynamic typography. Check it out.

tweetPad 9

NextText for Processing

I just added my latest project to the Portfolio page: the NextText library for Processing. You can also check out nexttext.net for more information.