ezGestures is a gesture recognition library for Processing. It works by analyzing mouse or Wiimote movements while dragging, and comparing the motion against a regular expression to find a match. It was originally developed for tweetPad, but has been modified into a more general version for plugging into any project.

The library understands four directions: UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT.
It can be used to recognize:
  * the difference between a circle and an "L" shape.
  * the difference between a clockwise turn and a counter-clockwise turn.
It CANNOT be used to recognize:
  * the difference between a square and a circle.
  * the area covered by a gesture.

If you're going to analyze Wiimote gestures, you'll need to install Andreas Schlegel's oscP5 library, and you'll need to run his darwiinosc application.

Download the library
version .40
updated on Nov 19 2008
unzip and drop the folder in /path/to/processing/libraries/

Consult the documentation

Browse the source on svn

  * The Blob
  * Figure 8

ezGestures is Open Source Software released under the GNU GPL. It is developed by Elie Zananiri.